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Updated: Oct 4, 2021


My IDECO Framework For Collective Responsibility and Accountability is a resource for teams to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in collaborative work and the process they use to accomplish their desired outcome.

Provide INPUT before a decision is made

The I stakeholders help the D stakeholder make an informed decision. They:

  • Receive requests (e.g., opinions, information, data, analysis, and/or participation in brainstorming sessions, etc.) from the D stakeholder.

  • Increase knowledge and/or awareness (e.g., review materials, collect data, etc.) necessary to provide valuable insights and input.

  • Provide input to the D stakeholder that will enable them to make an informed decision.

Consider input and make the final DECISION (1 person)

The D stakeholder is the one person ultimately responsible for making the decision(s). They:

  • Summarize the decision(s) that must be made.

  • Identify the I and E stakeholders and make specific requests (e.g., opinions, data, analysis, etc.) for input.

  • Create a structure to solicit honest and thorough input from the I stakeholders. Seek clarity as needed.

  • Schedule and facilitate decision-making meetings, if applicable.

  • Make the final decision(s).

  • Communicate the final decisions with explanations to the I, E, and C stakeholders, including specific goals and/or requirements.

Lead the EXECUTION of the related work (1 person)

The E stakeholder is the one person ultimately responsible for leading the work (e.g., project, program, workstream). They:

  • Develop the plan and/or process for accomplishing the desired outcome.

  • Share the plan and/or process with the D and C stakeholders.

  • Ensure that the outcome is achieved and that the work meets predetermined quality standards and is timely.

  • Share observations and feedback with the C stakeholders as appropriate.

  • Provide updates to and make specific requests of the D and C stakeholders as the work progresses.

  • Deliver the completed work to the O stakeholder(s).

Make one or more CONTRIBUTIONS to the work

The work necessary to achieve the outcome is divided between the C stakeholders. They:

  • Seek clarity and/or support as needed.

  • Respond to requests from the E stakeholder. Share updates with the E stakeholder as the work progresses.

  • Deliver all assigned contributions to the E stakeholder on time and according to predetermined quality standards.

Receive the OUTPUT of the work

The O stakeholders receive the completed work. They:

  • Communicate the desired outcome and specific goals and/or requirements for the output to the E stakeholder before the plan and/or process is developed (or when requested by the E stakeholder).

  • Provide observations and feedback to the E stakeholder after the output is received.


Download a FREE copy of the IDECO Framework™ + Process HERE

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